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Okay so I did this too, by demand of my lovely little sister Olivia. This one is the ‘normal’ version. I have to make a second version where I keep my awesome French accent. Coming soon, I guess. Please ignore the fact that I’m stammering and saying ‘uuum’ a lot.

What is your name and user name?Where are you from?

When did you start watching Sherlock?

Why did you start watching Sherlock?

Choose the last piece of fanfiction you read and read a line from it. 

Which is your favorite episode?

Pronounce the following words: Sherlock, Mycroft, Lestrade, Moriarty, Gatiss, Reichenbach, chuffed, hanged, crumpets, Holmes, Baskervilles, ASBO

What’s your favorite canon story? 

What’s your favorite ship or if that’s not your area who is your favorite character?

What Sherlock line do you catch yourself dropping into every day conversation?

Would you rather: Be a sociopath? An Army Doctor? A Detective Inspector? A Consulting Criminal? Or occupy a ‘minor’ position in the British Government?

Tell us about Rupert Graves?

End by saying any two words you want.

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